Sunday, April 15, 2012

Last race of the year...

Last weekend concluded my 2012 season, and I finished strong.  Mt. Norquay (near Banff) was the venue; only two slaloms (the GS got cancelled due to snow conditions).  My best slalom result of the season yesterday, averaged with my other best score from the Panorama Spring Series brought my slalom points down to 115.  I'm happy with that, and should help me get decent starts at the beginning of next season.

The races two weekends ago at Panorama went pretty well too, and I almost had a fantastic slalom result.  I moved from 117th to 77th after the first run, and was having an even better second run when the gate I had just blocked came down on my inside ski--lifting it off the snow and ultimately causing me to come to a stop in order to make the next gate.  It was a bummer, but that's ski racing!

I'm staying in Banff to free ski with my family this week, and after the GS was cancelled I decided to try jumping into an airbag!  I tried back flipping, but didn't quite make it all the way around...


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  1. Nevada, This is your mother. OMG!!!!!! Congrats on a great finish to your season.