Friday, February 17, 2012

Snow King FIS Tech Elite Races

I'm currently in Jackson, Wyoming for two GS and two slalom races.  They are J2 National qualifiers, so if I place in the top 15 then I can qualify for J2 Nationals!  The race hills are injected, steep, and I'm starting 124th out of 128 competitors tomorrow!  All I need to do is put my foot in the top of the rut and move up in the ranks!

The Big Sky and Missoula races went really well for me, and those good results will put me in Western Regional Championships.  I did have my first crash of the season in the Big Sky super-g though, and it was pretty good...I went off the jump too straight, and didn't have enough time to make full turn around the next gate so I had to throw my skis sideways--they hit a small hole below the gate and I went tumbling.  Unfortunately my coach that was filming was on a lower part of the hill for that run.

 Thanks Crystal Image Photography!

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