Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Divisional Races

So, my latest FIS race, Sun Valley was the best yet for me. I had good results, especially in the slalom, and lowered my points. Now I have two weekends of divisional (Montana only) races: 3 slaloms in Missoula this weekend, and 3 super-g's in Big Sky next weekend. My slalom game is in great shape right now, but I've had limited experience on my super-g skis this season; that's why I will be attending a 2-day speed camp in Big Sky before the race.

The snow situation is improving daily on the Big, with 6 feet falling over the last couple weeks or so. Other news: this semester I am taking Digital Photography and PE through Montana Digital Academy, an online school. Those courses are going well, and I think it's very rewarding and convenient to earn my elective credits using internet courses.

Nevada Kramer

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