Thursday, January 5, 2012

First day of Schweitzer FIS races

Today was definitely a good day for me.  The race was super-g on a run named Zipdown, there's no air, but the terrain is very rolling.  I started number 83, but after skiing about halfway down the course, I was waved off.  As I slowed my speed and got off the course I saw skis strewn across the hill below me.  When I went back to the top of the course for a rerun, the race was on hold.  I waited about 10 minutes, and then the race got going again.  Apparently the racer in front of me crashed and had to be hauled off the hill in a sled.  The snow was holding up perfectly, so it was to my advantage to have another go at the course.  My second run went very well, I placed 55th--moving up in the field 28 spots from my starting position!  You can view past and live results   from this race here.  Hopefully tomorrow I can post some video.

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