Friday, December 16, 2011


I’m in Panorama again! There’s so much snow here, and the training is very productive. Tomorrow is the last day of a NorAm Cup race series here, but unfortunately they already have enough forerunners, so I can’t forerun tomorrow’s race. I’m training for the FIS (Federation Internationale de Ski) race coming up this Sunday through Wednesday, which is also here in Panorama.

Yesterday I ran into the former head coach from Big Mountain Race Team: Jeff Pickering.  He used to coach me when I when I was nine or ten years old. "Pick" is currently coaching the Women's US Ski Team on the Europa Cup circuit.  He is one of the best coaches I have ever worked with.

Big Mountain is finally getting hit with some good snow, but it has taken quite a long time this year. Weather conditions are one of those crazy variables in the sport of ski racing, and in a year like this one the lack of snow in Whitefish has forced me to travel somewhere almost every weekend of the past month and a half in order to participate in productive training. That is a little bit above my family’s budget, but with using the donations I have received we were able to pull it off! I can’t thank my supporters and donators enough for providing me with these opportunities. Because of all this early season training I have been able to do (because of your donations!) I can do my first FIS race this Sunday. I have worked hard in school, in the gym, and on the hill to prepare myself, and I feel race-ready.  I'll keep you posted on my results throughout this next week.

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