Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Camp

I hope you all had a great Christmas and reach 2012 in good health and spirits,

I'm in Schweitzer, Idaho again for a five-day Christmas Camp.  I'm very disappointed that I'm not participating in the Whitefish Race Team Christmas Camp, but it's much more worthwhile right now to train here rather than free ski in Whitefish.

This Christmas I received a Contour helmet camera from my Grandparents, so very soon I will have some footage to share with you!  One of the amazing features on this helmet cam is GPS (I can track distance covered, top speeds, elevation, etc...).  I'm super excited to use it!

Coming up January 5-8 I will be doing a FIS race in Schweitzer (2 Super-g/2 GS).  I am extremely excited not to be starting at the back of the pack for those races; the snow will be much softer than the snow at Panorama and will deteriorate faster.  The points won't be quite as good as the race at Panorama, but I probably won't be placing as far back either--due to the fact that I won't be racing against Canadian provincial and national teams this time!  To view live and past results, go to:

Happy New Year!

Nevada Kramer

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