Monday, November 28, 2011

More early season training

Last night I returned from Banff, Alberta, where I spent a couple days free-skiing at Sunshine and 5 days training on Mt. Norquay at a Thanksgiving Camp put together by my Dad and Roy Loman--the Whitefish Head Coach.  I was the blogger and photographer for the Thanksgiving Camp, you can view the blog by clicking here for more details.  It was definitely valuable training--we just did GS and slalom, but this weekend I have the opportunity to do some speed training in Panorama.  I would be going with the Schweitzer crew again; training is from this Friday to Monday.  I'm very hopeful that I can train there.
Didier Cuche
Jacques Eve,  Roy Loman and I
 at Lake Louise

Last Saturday I enjoyed spectating the Lake Louise World Cup Men's DH, and one of my favorites won:  Didier Cuche!  I snapped a photo of him in the finish arena...

Rundle1, the distinct peak that hangs
over Banff
A gigantic neighbor of ours in Banff

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